No master has yet fallen from heaven – this old adage is especially true when it comes to gambling, and new players usually pay a lot of hard money when they first gain experience, whether they are playing slot machines or classic casino games, and whether they are playing in a casino or an online casino. To ensure that your visit to the casino provides the hoped-for experience of pleasure, excitement, and emotions and does not result in an unpleasant awakening, you should learn ahead of time what to expect from the gambling providers.

We at startcasinolux.com will assist you in perfecting your first gambling attempts. Not only will you get gaming instructions and tips on all popular games of chance and free games so you can practise risk-free on our website, but you will also find reviews and reviews of online casinos and land-based casinos. With our assistance, you can be confident that you will end up with respectable companies that ensure fair play. We investigate and deliver information that is relevant to you based on our expertise and many years of experience in the gaming business.

In order to be able to offer you comprehensive and reliable content about casino providers and games, we work together with various institutions, from which we obtain our information. Above all, this includes independent companies that regularly check the fairness, reliability and security of casino providers. These organizations have unrestricted access to the software of the gambling sites and can conduct unannounced tests, which underscores the reliability and credibility of the test results.

startcasinolux.com is an independent platform that specializes in evaluating online casinos. So that we can guarantee the objectivity of our test reports, we use a whole network of German online gamblers who help us to evaluate the casino providers. From a questionnaire developed by our team, which our casino testers have to fill out and a reliable evaluation algorithm, we receive an objective end result, which is then checked and confirmed by our experts or, if necessary, adjusted. So we can guarantee that the casino reviews reflect the opinion of both experts and German hobby gamers. Further information on the job as a casino tester can be found here.

Our History

startcasinolux.com can now look back on over 8 years of history. Here you will find the most important key data on our history and development:


startcasinolux.com is founded and initially operated as a simple blog devoted to basic questions about online gambling.


The project has grown into a full website and we are publishing the first detailed reviews of popular online casinos.


The hobby becomes a profession: startcasinolux.com is registered for the first time as an independent company.


We make the leap among the best international casino guides.


Our news desk was launched and has been providing our readers with daily news on the subject of gambling and online gaming ever since.


We have already recommended over 150,000 players to online casinos.


We have now tested and rated over 200 different online casinos.


Over 2,000 readers visit startcasinolux.com every day and today we have recommended over 390,000 players to the casino of their choice.