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Welcome to Startcasinolux.com, an online casino comparison site. We want to make the user aware of the rules that apply to all Startcasinolux.com users via this page. Take a few moments to read the information below to become acquainted with the rules you agree to when using our site.

Our terms and conditions are written specifically for you as a user, so that you know how to use Startcasinolux.com legally. On the ‘About us’ page, you’ll find a slightly lighter text that tells you more about who we are.

Startcasinolux.com ownership and basic information

Startcasinolux.com is a comparison and information website that assists users with online gambling. Lux Casino Group plc owns and operates the site, which is part of Digimedia Media and aims to provide service and advice on online odds and casino games. Our revenue is derived from advertising and marketing to the company’s partners. All of our business partners with whom we have signed cooperation agreements are reputable and trustworthy.

See and read the information below carefully, as it is critical that our users understand the applicable rules. When you access our terms page as a user, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions that apply. We must ask you not to use Startcasinolux.com if you do not agree with our terms and conditions.

We inform you as a user about how we process the data we receive from you on the page ” Data processing “. This page also includes information about how we handle and use cookies / text files on our comparison site.

Concerning our website’s content

The content found on the website is solely for informational purposes. Anyone who chooses to use our site has unrestricted access to the site and its contents. Any and all content on our casino website may not be used in connection with illegal activities.

Startcasinolux.com strives to provide the most accurate content to its users. Here you will find information on current promotions, casino news, slot machine information, and reviews of casino operators. The user should always be aware that the content on the page is only for informational purposes. This means that the user reads and interprets all information entirely at their own risk.

Regarding third-party content, we reserve the right to change it at any time without notifying us.

Design, content, and feature updates

Our website is constantly being updated with new content, design, and features. Startcasinolux.com cannot guarantee that the website is error-free. As a result, we reserve the right that some of the content may be out of date, and we have no legal obligation to update it.

Our responsibilities and their limitations

Startcasinolux.com accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of our website and its content.

The following points are not the responsibility of Startcasinolux.com:

The inability of users to use the site.

The dependability of the content displayed on the casino website.
Profit, sale, other business, or turnover loss
Any loss of future / potential business operations or reputation.
What exactly is intellectual property law?
This means that Startcasinolux.com owns the licences or intellectual property rights to the website and all material published on the website. Our site’s content is legally protected by the copyright of the country and jurisdiction from which you access it.

It is prohibited to use portions of our website for personal gain.

The site is strictly for personal use only.

The user agrees that he or she will not use the website for commercial or business purposes.
Startcasinolux.com disclaims all liability for any type of loss or other impact on business operations. We reserve the right to refuse to remove any content unless it is unethical, incorrect, discriminatory, or otherwise violates our privacy policies or international law.

In the event of a virus or other attack on the website, Startcasinolux.com can never guarantee that the website is virus-free. The user is always responsible for keeping malicious programmes and viruses out of his devices, whether mobile or desktop. We are not liable for any loss or damage caused by viruses, DDoS attacks, or other technically destructive material that may endanger computer equipment, software, data, or other proprietary material. This is true when these issues occur, such as when our site is used to upload content or pages that may be linked to the page.

We also do not accept that users intend to abuse the site or try to install any virus or programme that is harmful to our site. In such cases, Startcasinolux.com will notify the relevant court’s infringement / damages department as soon as possible. As a result of this review, the user’s right to use our page or the material on our site expires immediately.

Externally linked and sourced content

In some cases, our website may also include external links to other domains or even third-party sources. Please keep in mind that these links / sources are always displayed on our site solely for informational purposes. The majority of our external links take you to our business partners who provide casino-related products and content. We have no control over its content because it is provided by third parties. As a result, we accept no liability for the content associated with Startcasinolux.com. We are also not liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of using our websites.

Startcasinolux.com reserves the right to market gaming-related activities’ content. At the same time, we encourage users to always use the information and these types of casino sites in a fun and secure manner. It is always the user’s responsibility to use the information on our pages responsibly.

When it comes to online entertainment, we always recommend that you play responsibly. Because our pages feature a large number of gaming operators, we feel a social responsibility to direct readers to safe and legally valid online gaming sources. However, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that users may suffer as a result of their participation in online gaming.

You have the right, as a user, to link to our website.

Users of Startcasinolux.com are permitted to link to our website, but only if they do so in a completely legal and fair manner. This means that users are not permitted to exploit or harm our reputation in any way.

It is not permitted to establish a link to our site from a site that is not owned by the user, or to refer to the site illegally without its prior approval. We reserve the right to revoke link approval at any time without providing additional information as to why.

The final word on our terms and conditions

Startcasinolux.com reserves the right, at any time, to update or change the terms and conditions that apply to our casino site. As a result, we would like to encourage all users to visit our Terms and Conditions page on a regular basis in order to stay up to date on our policies.

Please send us an email if you want to get in touch with us. The details can be found at the bottom of our page under “Contact us.”