The number of online casinos is growing steadily. Especially now in times of COVID19, when normal casinos are not allowed to open, more and more fans are switching to online casinos. After all, it’s only good: you can play the same games, just from home. The fun factor and the adrenaline feeling are retained.

However, with a large number of online casinos, it has become more and more difficult to find the ideal casino for you. What are good conditions and prices? Which games should be included? How secure is the deposit and withdrawal? And how good is the customer service in case something should go wrong?

So many questions in the area of ​​online casinos, it is difficult to keep track of them. In this article we would like to show you which points you should pay particular attention to and how you can easily distinguish a good online casino from a rip-off.

1: Valid gaming license:
This is an important point that can be quickly researched at most online casinos. A valid license for games of chance is probably the first and most important criterion that must be met at all. Because no matter in which EU country you want to be active as a gambling company online, you need an official license.

Sports betting providers in particular usually always have a valid license, with the others you just have to do a little research. What you absolutely don’t want is to fall for a scam . Especially nowadays there are more and more sites that aim to steal your money.

2: Secure payment options:
Another important point is money. It is clear that you cannot participate in any game of chance without a certain amount of money. But what is important here is that the security of the various payment options is guaranteed.

There are two important points here: security and the number of means of payment. The most common means of payment so far are:

Klarna: The Swedish company Klarna offers a fast and secure way to transfer payments from your bank account digitally. Most of the time the system works in connection with normal online banking, the two-factor authentication ensures the necessary security so that the money arrives safely on the casino account.

Paysafecard: One of the safest options is the so-called Paysafecard. You can buy a Paysafecard in any normal drugstore or partially online. Here you pay the desired amount in advance and receive a code or credit. You can then redeem this credit at the online casino of your choice. The security is maximum here, as you never have to enter your personal banking data at the casino.
Credit card: who doesn’t know the classic credit card? With a credit card, you can be sure that the payment is secure and will be well received. It is also advantageous that you can only make payments to a certain extent. This lowers the risk for you of over-spending and for the online casino it is also a guarantee that they will get the money safely.
Other options: There are also a few other options. Not all of them are always offered by all online casinos. These include Neteller, PayPal, Skrill or a normal bank transfer.

3: Protective measures for player protection
When it comes to player protection, there are a few important points that should be considered by the individual online casinos. This includes, for example, a planned lock file that is intended to list suspicious players or those who have been banned from gambling and to ban them from future gambling. In Germany, for example, an interstate treaty should regulate important points in advance. How can this be guaranteed?

Well, a detailed registration would be one possibility. If various documents such as a photo ID or a registration slip are to be presented when registering, as is also the case with various online share portals, then it is ensured for you that banned players are not at the online casino and that you are also from fraud and You are protected from dizziness.

4: Flawlessly constructed website
The internet may give a lot of freedom to design websites and servers, but it is not a legal vacuum. As with normal casinos, online casinos are subject to a certain legal conformity. It is therefore important that a website contain important points such as the terms and conditions, an imprint and a data protection declaration. If you can find these points on a website, you can be more certain that it is a reputable online casino.

How do I find the ideal casino?
The above points may now be very general and will not directly help you to find the ideal online casino. Therefore, in the next step, you should find out more about the selection of casinos on portals such as CasinoSelect . But always keep the points we mentioned in the back of your mind and check them to ensure safety when playing.

An online casino can be an exciting change, especially in times of lockdown and quarantine. However, always make sure that security is in place because the last thing you want is to fall for a rip off.